Top 10 Tips for Selling at Lil Chameleon

February 26, 2018

If your kid's closets are overflowing with outgrown stuff, listen up! Here's our top 10 tips for selling at Lil Chameleon and getting the most out of your kid's closets.

1. Clean out often.

Kid’s grow out of clothes, shoes and toys quickly. If you clean out their closets as they grow, it becomes easier to stay organized and makes room for more stuff! Let them help you go through their things, too.


2. Sell in season.

At Lil Chameleon, we buy in-season items. We’ll keep our website updated with the season we’re currently buying on our landing page. As an email subscriber, you'll be the first to know when we buy for the next season. As a small boutique our space is limited so come early and come often!


3. Keep a bin and store it for next season.

If you have items to sell that are out of season, wash them, put them in a sealed container and save them for us for the next season. We do buy seasonally appropriate, trend right, clean, odor free goods. 


4. We take more than clothes.


Yes, we buy clothes from NB-size 12! But we also buy shoes, books, toys and baby gear that is new, nearly-new and in great condition. We buy these items based on our current inventory, condition, what sells for us, what customer have on their wish list (Yes, we have wish lists!) and if items are no more than 3-4 years old. We accept the best stuff because “we do the digging for you™."


5. It can be emotional and that's OK.

Parting with special things is overwhelming. We totally get it: there are a lot of feelings wrapped up in the buying and selling process, especially when it's your kids' special stuff. We have tissues at the counter, we give free hugs and we'll pay you the fairest price possible. And if you can't bear to part with it during the buy, we're happy to give it back. But do keep in mind once you've selected a cash or trade payout the sale is final. 


6. Clean everything.

Be sure clothes are freshly laundered and toys are wiped down with working batteries before you bring them in. We accept items that are clean, stain-hole-odor free and in good working condition. Items must have all parts and be selling floor ready. 


7. We DO accept everyday items like jeans and t-shirts. </