It's our 1st birthday!

October 5, 2018

 Giving birth to a business is just like having a baby.  Well, sort of. 


Aside from the obvious differences, there are so many anticipations, so many joys, so many unknowns, so many smiles.   


The giggles, the ohhs and ahhs, the milestones, the diaper changes (some ideas stink and need a change); the research & learning, the countless late nights, the sleepless nights, the "mom" guilt, a lot of tears, the non-stop attention needed, and the constant feedings (of thought, planning, time, energy, heart and soul...and money...oh the money).


And just like parents who tag-team to get the job done, great staff, talented instructors and key partnerships add more value than could ever be measured with thanks.


It has not been easy-not one single day.  To say it's been the most challenging year of my life is an understatement.   


But here Lil Chameleon is...after giving birth to this wild idea of not just baby #1 (resale), but baby #2 (play cafe) and baby #3 (classes and activities) and baby #4 (parties).   


Lil Chameleon resides at 29 Elm St in Tuckahoe, NY.  Did you know the location used to be the offices of Tuckahoe Union Free School District?  And following that, the space was used by an HVAC company?   

I'll never forget finding the real estate listing online, sharing it with my broker and wanting to see the space immediately.  After getting in the doors, I started at the walls and walked the space for 45 minutes trying to understand how the space was laid out. I day dreamed. 


There were poo-brown walls (diaper change!), strange rooms with doors in unnatural locations and 2-way mirrored windows that gave a fun-house-feel.  Not much made sense in the space as it was, but sometimes, inspiration strikes and you can just see "it".  


Wanna see what it used to look like? 


Prior to now, only a few people have ever seen these photos.