Lil Chameleon's Fall 2019 Quick and Easy Selling Tips

July 26, 2019


We're almost ready to buy Fall goods. And when it comes to buying, selling and trading at Lil Chameleon, we want to provide a few quick tips to help the process go smoothly, efficiently and garner the best return on your investment possible.


1) . We are seasonal.  Please keep this in mind.  When we soon announce we are buying Fall, we will buy long sleeve shirts and tees, sweaters, long pants, layering pieces, fashion boots, sneakers, dress shoes, lined items, etc.  We are buying coats.  But we are not buying snow pants, snow boots or winter gear yet.  That announcement will come at a soon-to-be later date.  Email subscribers find out about seasonal buying changes first giving them the first opportunity to work with us as the season gets underway.


2) . Remember, you don't need an appointment, but we do have buying days.

We buy on MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS.  We are currently closed Sundays.  We buy until 30 minutes before we close.  Please take note!


3) . Remember, we take 2 shopping bags at a time.  This means shopping bags like you'd get at Trader Jo's, Nordstrom or Lil Chameleon.  This doesn't mean plastic bins, garbage bags or Ikea bags. We will enforce this rule going forward by kindly asking you to either return at another time with a smaller amount of stuff or to separate what you'd like us to look through during this specific buy.  Please help us save your time and ours.  Even if you say we can donate the stuff we won't ultimately take, going through more than the specified amount means we take time from another customer's buy and/or it takes away from other tasks for the business.  If you have toys, we understand they do take up more room, but then please be conscious about the amount of clothing you bring in on that particular visit.  


3) . Select your best and leave the rest.  We often see clothing with obvious stains, buttons missing, zippers that don't work.  Please edit these items before bringing them.  If you'd prefer to donate them, we suggest you create a separate "donations" bag when bringing things in so we can pass these separate items along.  Thank you to the many customers who already do this!  But if we accidentally miss a broken zipper or buy your stained goods, we've lost money.  It might not seem like a large loss, but if this happens often, we end up losing quite a bit in the end.  And it does--we're human, too.  Try to evaluate your product in the best natural light or brightest lights as possible to edit these items first.


4) . Review our website, What We Buy and What We Don't.  Take a peak at our FAQ page.  We've spent a lot of time outlining how buying, selling and trading works with us.  This especially means reviewing the brands we don't take.  We are not the same as other businesses out there. 


5) . There are a lot of behind the scenes reasons we might not purchase something.  Here are just a few that you might find interesting:


-Brown typically doesn't sell well for us.  Why?  Who knows. But we probably shouldn't buy a lot of brown then.


-Sweater vests and skirts don't sell well for us at any age.  It doesn't mean we won't buy or review them, but if we have a choice each day with other product, we'd make other choices.  


--Toys sell well for us.  Kid's love them, and for the most part they're season-less.  However, if we have an abundance of baby or toddler toys, we can't take in oodles more until we sell some of what we have.  We are constantly looking for toys for kids 3+, too.  We do cater up to size 12, and we consider toys up to 12 yrs, approximately 3rd grade.


--Wooden puzzles and wooden toys in general sell well for us.  They also generally have a higher resale value.


--We consider strollers to be a seasonal product.  This isn't because people don't use strollers in the Fall and Winter months, but selling slows drastically for these items when people come indoors and spend more time in the car.  They also take up a lot of space in our relatively small boutique at the same time our racks take up more space as we're selling bulky coats, sweaters and more voluminous items than say t-shirts and shorts.


6) . When bringing in toys, games and puzzles be sure all parts are there and working batteries are in place.  We won't buy the item if we can't test it with it's own batteries.  And if you bring in nearly-new puzzles, be sure they are 100 pc or fewer.  We count each piece. 


7) . We currently still donate the things we can't take. Our donation partners are listed on our site.  Please understand there's no financial or tax benefit to Lil Chameleon for this service aside from knowing we are helping you clean out while helping others in need. Due to space constraints, we can only take donations from customers buying, selling and trading with us that day.


7)  We only have so much money to spend on goods.  We need our sales to match our buying power.  This is why it's so important shoppers shop with us! So thanks for spreading the word to friends and family, tagging us when your Lil one looks awesome in that Lil Chameleon outfit, bragging and name-dropping about the amazing deal you got from us, liking, sharing and tagging friends in our social media posts, and giving us reviews.  And thank you for your business!  Having customers complete the buying cycle is the best way to ensure we can buy, sell and trade with you.


These are the types of thoughts running through our heads with each and every item you bring in.  Although we can't go through each item to explain our choices to you, we do hope you're satisfied with your cash or trade offer. 


Everyone's belongings have value.  We are selective so we offer the Lil Chameleon customer great product at a great price. And we need to do our best to ensure they sell. 


We can't wait to see the treasures you bring in next.  Fall is just around the corner!